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What do we want to sound like? The magical thing about Karmin is that you release covers that have got your personal touch to it. On average, how long does it take to learn and perfect one cover? I can never learn the words! It takes me an hour to learn the song like, I try to study and learn it the way the artiste did it, then we kinda try to put our own interpretation and flavour to it.

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And Nick is great, he sits there and programs everything, and plays the instruments.. Tell us more about your partnership as Karmin — is it hard to juggle between your romantic relationship and working relationship?

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I love doing those. Favorite part of working together? Retrieved August 10, Entertainment Like Follow Follow. Then it all kind of fell into place. Eggs in the morning, a massive salad for lunch and a perfectly cooked salmon for dinner, all gluten and bread free. It takes me an hour to learn the song like, I try to study and learn it the way the artiste did it, then we kinda try to put our own interpretation and flavour to it.

Stop Karmin and be normal people. How long do you usually take to doll up for a video and what are some of your go-to products? I have to have red lipstick.

I also do love Tarte because Tarte uses all-natural ingredients and my skin is pretty sensitive. And I love lashes too!

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As for dolling up, I have it down to probably 30 minutes now because I just got really good at doing it. Yeah she does my hair! What would you say were some of the most valuable lessons your journey has thought you?

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You have to trust the timing of the universe, you know? So just be like water and just flow.. So I guess, be yourself. Is it fair to say that you now have more creative control over the originals that you put out? We took a long time to work on it.


It was done for a while but I think we were writing and recording for close to.. We really wanted to.. And the last time we did that with the covers, we felt that there was something there because it was very raw and very minimalist. So we just focused on the raw talent.

What restaurants do you go to in each? Your advice to couples working together…. Just make sure you communicate a lot, and be aware of each other.

Hype’s Exclusive: Amy & Nick On Marriage, Music, & Making Karmin Uniquely Theirs

It seems obvious, but things can change after working together and being together. Scotch, until I tried Oban. What a tasty beverage. Seaweed, until I tried seaweed salad.

Mikaela Reuben loves seaweed, too — find out why! What would your last meal be? Your advice to couples working together… Nick: The EP received mixed reviews from critics who questioned Herby's rebranding, citing it as an example of cultural appropriation and "modern blackface". EP 2 was made available for pre-order on November 17, , and was released on December 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Next Wave Chicago. Retrieved from " https: Living people Musicians from Los Angeles. Articles with hCards Year of birth missing living people.